Zachery's Fabulous Flash Fundraiser!

Zachery's Fabulous Flash Fundraiser!

About This Campaign

Hey Kids,

I'm using my birthday AND my wedding in Israel to raise funds for Project Q, The Village's LGBTQ youth outreach and engagement program.

I have a steep goal, but if everyone gives a little then we can knock this out and support some awesome services for youth who are struggling.

Thanks for your support!!

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 1029 1/2 W 24th Street
  • Los Angeles, CA 90007
  • USA
  • Time:
  • May 31, 2018 12:00 am to
  • Jun 03, 2018 12:00 am
  • Campaign by Zachery Scott

  • Supports 3 Charities
  • Started 1 Campaign
The Village Family Services

Campaign to Support The Village Family Services

In 2018, there was a 220% increase in the number of chronically homeless youth in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.*

Something has to change. 

The Village Family Services is one of Los Angeles' leading social care organizations dedicated to providing expert care, comprehensive support services, and vital linkages to community partners for children, youth and families who have experienced the trauma of domestic violence, neglect, addiction, homelessness or abuse. Our foster care program places hundreds of children with loving families, and our Drop-in Center serves more than 800 homeless and high-risk youth each year.

Your financial support provides:
  • Basic Care (food, showers, clean clothes, access to quality medical care)
  • Behavioral Health/Counseling
  • LGBT Workshops & Support Groups for Youth & Caregivers
  • Education Support & Linkages
  • Job Training & Placement
  • Case Management
  • Housing Support
  • Expressive Arts
With your help, we can ensure that each child and youth who seeks our help receives the appropriate care & support they need to become healthy, self-sufficient adults. 

Thank you for your support.

*2018 Greater LA Homeless Count, San Fernando & Santa Clarita Valleys

  1. Jason  Coleman
    Jason Coleman gave a $53.04 donation
    12 months ago · Like
  2. Danielle Kronfli
    Danielle Kronfli gave a $10.85 donation
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  3. Susan Tenney
    Susan Tenney gave a $26.67 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Zachary Scott
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday!
    12 months ago · Like
  4. Michael Dyse
    Michael Dyse gave a $10.85 donation
    Way to be a good person :)
    12 months ago · Like
  5. Jim Key
    Jim Key gave a $105.79 donation
    When does my child arrive, and do I need to be there when the kid is delivered?
    12 months ago · Like
  6. Matthew Spencer
    Matthew Spencer gave a $100 donation
    Happy birthday and happy marriage! xoxo
    12 months ago · Like
  7. Melinda Hochgesang
    Melinda Hochgesang gave a $10.96 donation
    Love you tio zacherias (e lior!) xoxox
    12 months ago · Like
  8. Nicole Welch
    Nicole Welch gave a $105.79 donation
    12 months ago · Like
  9. Andre Renzi
    Andre Renzi gave a $25 donation
    Happy bday my dear
    12 months ago · Like
  10. Arriel Stroub
    Arriel Stroub gave a $26.67 donation
    Happy Birthday Zach and congrats on the wedding! Xo Arriel
    12 months ago · Like
  11. Cheryl Soehl
    Cheryl Soehl gave a $15 donation
    12 months ago · Like
  12. Steven Silverman
    Steven Silverman gave a $10.85 donation
    Happy Birthday, handsome!
    12 months ago · Like
  13. Shelley & Cary Shackelford gave a $26.67 donation
    Happy birthday Zachery! Love ya~
    12 months ago · Like
  14. Bart Verry
    Bart Verry gave a $105.79 donation
    Happy birthday and congrats on your nuptials! Can't wait to celebrate in September! Bart and Mark
    12 months ago · Like
  15. Anthony Harrison
    Anthony Harrison gave a $105.79 donation
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  16. Melissa Dechandt
    Melissa Dechandt gave a $10 donation
    Kudos and Happy Birthday!!
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  17. John Mullican
    John Mullican gave a $100 donation
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  18. Taffy and Tushar
    Taffy and Tushar gave a $26.67 donation
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  19. Ray Delgado
    Ray Delgado gave a $50 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Your single life
    Buy yourself a new disco ball. And congratulations. 🤨
    12 months ago · Like
  20. Lauren Dottore
    Lauren Dottore gave a $16.12 donation
    Happy birthday Zachery!
    12 months ago · Like
  21. Grant Woolfolk
    Grant Woolfolk gave a $100 donation
    Happy birthday!! I hope you guys have a fabulous wedding this weekend. ❤️
    12 months ago · Like
  22. Cynthia Bedell
    Cynthia Bedell gave a $10.96 donation
    Happy Birthday Zach! Happy to give to a great cause to honor your day.
    12 months ago · Like
  23. Bill T Brown
    Bill T Brown gave a $53.04 donation
    Good luck with your goal, Zachery! Happy Birthday for a great cause. xo
    12 months ago · Like
  24. Victoria Nobles gave a $50 donation
    Happy birthday and congratulations! 😘
    12 months ago · Like
  25. Diana Armstrong-Bruns210
    Diana Armstrong-Bruns210 gave a $50 donation
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  26. An anonymous donation of $26.67 has been made
    Happy birthday!!!!!
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  27. Rebecca Hunter
    Rebecca Hunter gave a $100 donation
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  28. David Wagner
    David Wagner gave a $211.28 donation
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